Review Policy

Welcome to my blog Authors I am so glad you found me. encourage all authors and publishers to contact me with a request for an honest review.  

Everybody has there own taste's and idea's of what they enjoy, and not everyone enjoy's all writing types. But I will give my full honest opinion on how I felt about the book.  

The genres of books which I will accept for review are; 

  • Paranormal and Urban Fantasy 
  • Paranormal Romance 
  • Young Adult 
  • Dystopian (Only read a small number)
  • Erotic Romance 
However I will not accept reviews for the following; 
  • Military Related 
  • Religious Related 
  • Non-Fiction
  • Biographies 
I feel that these books are too personal for many people. I do not want to hurt the feeling's of people who strongly believe in something which is real.

I can not guarantee when a book will be read and reviewed. But I will try to do it a quickly as possible. If I receive a request I will notify you if I am interested in reading the book or not. I will not leave you in the dark.    

I am willing to accept hardcover, paperback, eBooks (Kobo), Audiobooks and ARC formats for reviewing. 

I am participating in Blog Tours, so feel free to 
contact me with requests. 

I have layout the information I request for a review from the author/requestor. The information I have requested will be used in my review, as you can see from the reviews I have published, expect for email addresses, that is just for contacting purposes.     

Request A Review 
  • Name
  • Email 
Book Information 
  • Book Cover 
  • Book Title 
  • Author's Name
  • Series Name (e.g. Bloodlines) 
  • Series Number (e.g. 1)
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date 
  • Genre (Paranormal Romance, Young Adult etc) 
  • Number of pages 
  • Format Type (Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook, ARC) 
  • Synopsis 
My reviews will be published here on my site, on Amazon, Goodreads and any other site requested.  

To finish on a high note I would like to thank all author's and publisher's who contact me for a review it is an honour and a privilege to do it. Reading and reviewing has become a big part of my daily life. I have found such a passion it in and a real pleasure to share my reviews with everyone.  

Feel free to contact me on; 

Thank you all once again.