Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award

Thank you so much A Geek With Books for this nomination. 

The Rules (they aren't so bad)...
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their website 
  • Use the award logo on your post 
  • Answer the 10 questions provided by the blogger who tagged you 
  • Nominate 10 bloggers 
  • Ask them 10 questions 

Question's For Me To Answer...

1. Do you have a favourite book? If so, what is it? 

Oh this is an extremely hard questions to answer, if not impossible because there are too many great books out there that I love. I mostly read series's of books so if I had to choose out of all of them it would have to be, Bloodlines. I am obsessed with that series's, I have read it twice already and am sure I will be back reading it again shortly. I am current reading Hex Hall series, nearly finished book 2 and to be honest, its surprising me of how good it is. 

2. What's another hobby you have that isn't related to books/blogging? 

I am really into yoga, I know weird isn't it. But its a great way to relax, stay in shape and just to take a moment out of this hectic world and think about things, its great for de-stressing.   

3. What's the best book-to-movie adaptation you've seen? 

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. Well, both of the movies were brilliant, actually more than brilliant but Part 2 shocked me the most with just how awesome it was. Especially the part when Alice shows the future to Aro on the field and I thought it was the actually battle, it was so believable. Sometimes you just can't get that sort of epic moment from a book.   

4. How big are you're bookshelves, and how many do you have? (Wait... You all have bookshelves, right? That seems like a priority.) 

Right now its not overlay big because I am only new to reading. But so far I have about Forty books. It grows constantly however because, I am forever buying books. Weirdly enough (because my Fiancé keeps dragging me into them, so he can find bargains) I have bought a few books from charity shops. I got three books for a £1 (I think that exchanges into $1.57 or 1.37 just for people who don't use the Pound £). 

5. How did you discover the book blogging community? 

I am not sure if I really remember how I discovered the book blogging community. I remember when I started up my blog (also not sure how I discovered blogger) people started telling me about different sites for book bloggers, and others I found myself and it just went from there. 

6. When did you first start labelling yourself as a "reader"? 

Compared to other people who post 3 reviews a week and are always reading new books, I only post maybe 2 or 3 reviews in a month. Am not sure if I classify myself as a reader because I am only new to both reading and the blogging community. 

7. Do you speak any other languages besides English? 

No unfortunately I don't. I have always wanted to fluently speak another language. We learn a couple of languages in school but not to the point you could understand a full conversation and be able to communicate yourself. 

8. Are you a dog or a cat person? 

I love both dogs and cats but I would probably say I am more of a cat person. 

9. What sound/song is your alarm? 

I don't like having songs as my alarm because I am not a morning person at all, and I would just end up hating the song. I have a Samsung Galaxy and I don't think I have changed the alarm song since I got it. So, its the default alarm sound. 

10. How frequently do you check social media/your phone? 

It really depends on what sort of mood I am in. Some days I will check them every five minutes were other days it will be, every hour or so. Then if am busy or out doing something, I wont really check them until am home or at a restaurant eating. Or if am bored I would check them every, five seconds.

Questions For You To Answer...

1. What is a book/books you would love to see turned into a film or TV series? 

2. Have you ever bought a book from a charity shop? If not would you consider it? 
3. What character would you like to have as your best friend? 

4. How many physical books do you have? and, How many eBooks do you have? 

5. What are your Top 5 Series'? 

6. What five books would you recommend to read? 

7. Do you read before you sleep? 

8. Do you own any audio books and if so what do you think of them? 

9. Off the topic off books, have you ever considered researching into your family        tree/history? (Recently I have considered researching into mine, to find out who      my ancestries are and what they done?  

10. What five places in the world do you want to visit? 


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