Sunday, 7 June 2015

Steel and Lace

Tile: Steel and Lace 
Author: Adriana Leigh 
Series: Steel and Lace The Complete Series
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 254 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent  
Published Date: 22 April 2013
Edition: Paperback / Ebook
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From the moment their eyes locked across a crowded room, he recognized something in her that he needed. Something that was impossible to resist... Enigmatic and sexy, Carter Morgan is a wealthy CEO and playboy who keeps a model on his arm and the walls around his heart high. His dangerous good looks and seductive charm gets him whatever he wants— whenever he wants it. That is until he meets Eva. When smart and spirited fashion editor Evangeline Austin encounters Carter Morgan, sparks fly and worlds collide. Her every instinct tells her to run, yet she can't deny the overwhelming effect he has on her. They embark on a passionate affair that threatens to consume them. 

They try to defy the odds by making their own rules and surrendering completely to the exquisite power of their passion but when unforeseen forces threaten to tear them apart, Carter and Eva must decide if the moments of exquisite perfection are worth the intense pain.


I read Carter and Eva’s story as the complete series rather than the 4 short stories.  It was a lot to take in reading them all at once but, I think reading them separately wouldn't have worked because I did get bored mid-way through.  

When I began reading it I got all excited. It started off so well and then mid-way through it just seemed to be the same repetitive story, the same situations, everything was as if I was reading 50 shades or the Crossfire series. Don’t get me wrong I loved them series’ but I was looking for something new and different. 

Whenever I start a book I have to finish it, well not unless it’s extremely bad. So I persisted through the mid-way point of the book even though I battled with myself to “set the book down and just admit defeat.” But that’s when it started to get interesting. 

Mr Carter Morgan is your hot, sexy controlling billionaire, your typical ripped manly alpha male. Oh, my words to describe him could continue on forever, he is that dreamy. He is like Gideon Cross and as hot as Christian Grey without the chains and whip’s with him.

But to be honest even thought I want a new and exciting storyline of this genre of book, I don’t think I want to lose this type of guy. An erotic book without a hot controlling billionaire just wouldn't work. I am happy that Adriane Leigh decided not to go down the road of Carter having an extremely messed up past. Of course he had a slight messed up childhood but it was nothing as extreme as Christian’s or Gideon’s. 

Eva Austin or Evangeline as Carter calls her because it’s a “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” This was one of many Carter’s cheesy lines that made me roll my eyes. My first thought when I started reading this book and found out her name was Eva was “Crossfire Series”, Adriane Leigh could of thought of a different name, made it something new.

Eva is twenty-six, a newly graduate fashion blogger. I must say I am jealous of Eva’s job, minus the fashion and replace it with book blogger that would be my ideal job. She lives with her friend Cate in Boston, I like Cate she is very up front, typical best friend and you just get a good vibe off her. 

Eva is your average girl, smart and friendly, a girl you can’t help but like. It didn’t surprise me that Carter fell for Evangeline the first moment his eye’s set on her. She is far better compared to these rich, stuck up women who go after guys for their money. For Carter and Eva it was true love at first sight.  However she kind of annoyed me at times with how extreme she reacted to the smallest fall out with Carter. She would just always storm off rather than facing up to Carter and finding out the full story, she just always presumes the worse.  

But together Eva and Carter are the cutest couple. At times thought I just wanted to bang their heads together and tell to listen to each other. They just seemed to misunderstand each other A LOT!! It did start to annoy me, they were driving me crazy. I felt myself sighing whenever they starting fighting again over nothing.  But let’s face it we all do it in our own relationship’s. Even though they may fight and fall out A LOT, there is no denying their love for one another.  At the beginning I found it very hard to buy into their relationship because it was just moving too quickly, I was finding it hard to digest but then, once you looked beyond all of that it becomes a beautiful love sex fiend story.   

Steel and Lace is a lot like the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day but somehow it is still really good.  I was hooked on it (once the boring middle part passed) and if you enjoy reading the same story as 50 shades and the Crossfire series with a twist to the second half, you will enjoy it. I did like the book it was well written and majority of the story felt real compared to Christian Grey and his whips and Gideon well as Gideon. 

I would recommend Carter and Eva’s story to anyone who enjoyed 50 Shades and the Crossfire series. You just need to stick with the similarities to get to the second half were it becomes more original. Carter is the perfect billionaire hottie and Eva is undeniable thee woman for him. Even though they will drive you crazy and you will think they are crazy, you will be rooting for them. 

Selina x